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Convert Your Film to Digital

16mm, Super 8, Standard 8mm and 9.5mm 


Film Transfer

Our company is unique in that we will professionally transfer your movie film and videos to high definition images, then convert them to any digital format. We transfer old movies for television, film archives, museums, corporate and private users. Our machines also convert audio, remove scratches and stabilise your images. 


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Restoration Services

It is very common today to find that film is in poor condition and that situation is getting worse.  Poor storage, projector damage, and chemical reactions within film itself have made restoration a major headache. We do our very best to restore film that we are given, but only to the digital stage. We cannot recover damaged celluloid material.


Best data format

Most clients choose a USB stick to save a digital file, as this is cheap and convenient. However, you should only use a USB for transportation as these have a high failure rate. A DVD is still a great way to save your movies, but a hard drive is the best choice. Storing your memories as a permenant feature on you computer is not a good idea. 


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