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Videostation provides high-definition film transfers for all formats of film, sound or silent. They include Super 8, Std 8 and 16mm, Sound or Silent. Our rates are often lower than our competitors and our quality much higher. You can prove this by having a FREE sample transfer made of your film.

We use a professional broadcast telecine machines for our transfers.Film is transported in a continuous motion, rather than the brutal intermittent movement of an old film projector. This is by far the ideal choice for any clients with fragile film and the obvious choice for any archive. The images quality are stunning and you are welcome to visit our studio and sit in on the transfer, but you must book.

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Videostation are specialists in the professional transfer and restoration of old film, videotape and other recording media. We work in standard and high definition offering everything from digital files ready for you to edit on your computer, through to authored DVD's. Our company provides facilities for museums, production companies, editors, archives and of course domestic users.

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What do others think?

Elisabeth Langley-Cornille, Hamilton.  - April 2015

I had sixteen 8mm films from about 35 years ago which were …. just sitting in a box somewhere.  One day I decided to try to find them and after a lot of searching succeeded!
My sister Ann lives in Ohoka and had read an article about Larry who not only transferred 8mm films to DVD but also was a professional and knew what he was doing.  He seemed like someone I could trust with my treasured memoires.  After reading the pamphlet Larry supplied and watching the DVD about ‘Preserving your Memoires’ I sent my films.

I was delighted with the result.  It was wonderful to watch these 16 films which had been transferred onto a DVD of about one hour duration.  How wonderful is that?  Our 4 children and my 93 year old mother loved watching these treasured moments caught on film and now transferred and in safe keeping for future generations.

Elsa Haydon - Trade Me
Every now and again, one strikes a person who goes the extra mile to provide a great friendly and helpul service. Thank you Larry !! everything arrived safely to my door. A great deal will trade again.

Ian Fisher - President Film Buffs NZ
A great service, the best transfer from 8mm I have ever seen.

Bryan Ellis - FBA NZ
The quality of the pictures from my old movies was unbelievable. Well Done!!

Des Rowe - Trade Me
This copy service is the very best in the country and at reasonable prices. I have had a copy made of my wedding 8mm film put onto DVD, and the copy was also improved in quality.And now of course I have it for ever. Thanks for a excellent Job.
Ted Bradshaw - Christchurch
Fantastic service and the quality of our old film was far superior to the original. Highly recommended.

Alan Brehart - Timeru
I have had many 16mm films transferred in the past with inferior results. The transfer from Videostation was professional and did justice to my irriplacable film.

Many other reference are available on request.

* We do not recommend that home movie footage be transferred to HD. The aspect ratio (screen size) and resolution does not meet the requirements of the HD format.

Please note. We will not transfer material that may infringe copyright laws.

Phone us on: 03 327 2784
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Larry with the Flashscan Pro-Scanner

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Standard and Regular 8mm Film

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16mm Film

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Super 8mm Film

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