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Videostation was first established in London in 1979 converting film for the broadcast industry. Today we convert film, slides, video and audio tapes for museums, archives, producers and private individuals.

Film to Digital

AdobeStock filmreelsWe can convert Super 8, Standard 8 and 16mm film, plus optical and magnetic audio. We can even transfer old 9.5mm film to resolution.

You don't have to take our word for it. We will transfer part of your film FREE of charge, that is before you spend a cent.

Click our short 90 second video to see a demonstration of how we digitise movies on our Flashscan Telecine machine. This is without a doubt the ultimate choice for the conversion of small format film.


Videotape to Digital

Videostation can transfer any of the following formats to USB, DVD or Hard-Drive.

All conversions are converted using high-grade professional machines,Video transfer to digital

  • VHS
  • S/VHS
  • Video-8
  • Betamax
  • Hi8
  • Digital-8
  • Mini-DV
  • Digi-Beta and all professional formats

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