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If your old films have been sitting in a shoebox for the past 30 years, NOW is the time to convert your film to digital.


It is a sad fact that over 60% of all cine film shot prior to 1960 has now been lost forever. The film projectors of yesterday were often brutal in operation, especially when projecting 8mm film. This resulted in severe damage, like broken sprockets, burns and deep scratches. Poor storage also produced mildew and vinegar syndrome, which is an incurable disease that affects old film.

Free Sample Of Your Film*

Our Flashscan professional film transfer machine will transfer your 8mm and Super 8 movies to any digital format. It transports the film in a continuous motion rather than the brutal intermittent movement of a film projector. This is the safest choice for an archive film transfer and will produce the high-resolution images demanded for todays screens. The Flashscan will also transfer stereo or mono audio from either format. This is the best way to transfer your film to digital.

Watch how we convert home movie film


The Flashscan

When film is to be converted to digital you may wish to consider a high definition conversion. The Flashscan can transfer your films in either standard definition (normal 4X3 screen size) or high defintion 1080p widescreen. However, we do not recommend HD transfers for domestic home movies, unless they are of exceptional quality and will convert to widescreen.


The final results can go to DVD, flashdrive or any digital format for you to edit on you own computer. If an HD transfer is required we would sugest BluRay DVD.



Be sure to get a copy of our FREE information pack with a demonstration DVD. Please contact or call free 0800 555230.

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* We will provide a two-minute sample of your film to either a CD, DVD or memory stick. Absolutey no obligation to purchase.

What do others think?

Elsa Haydon - Trade Me
Every now and again, one strikes a person who goes the extra mile to provide a great friendly and helpul service. Thank you Larry !! everything arrived safely to my door. A great deal will trade again.

Ian Fisher - President Film Buffs NZ
A great service, the best transfer from 8mm I have ever seen.

Bryan Ellis - FBA NZ
The quality of the pictures from my old movies was unbelievable. Well Done!!

Des Rowe - Trade Me
This copy service is the very best in the country and at reasonable prices. I have had a copy made of my wedding 8mm film put onto DVD, and the copy was also improved in quality.And now of course I have it for ever. Thanks for a excellent Job.
Ted Bradshaw - Christchurch
Fantastic service and the quality of our old film was far superior to the original. Highly recommended.

Alan Brehart - Timeru
I have had many 16mm films transferred in the past with inferior results. The transfer from Videostation was professional and did justice to my irriplacable film.

Many other reference are available on request.

* We do not recommend that home movie footage be transferred to HD. The aspect ratio (screen size) and resolution does not meet the requirements of the HD format.

Please note. We will not transfer material that may infringe copyright laws.

Phone us on: 03 327 2784
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