Converting Your Film, Slides or Videotape


 If you are going to copy or convert any image to digital you must start with a good original and if this is not possible, then the original must be restored to the highest quality possible. If this is not done first then every scratch, defect or mark with be magnified on the conversion.


 In the same way, as you would not use an old cheap paintbrush to re-paint your car, you would not use an inferior system to restore your analogue images for conversion today.  


VideoStation has been converting media since 1979 clients including the BBC, Sky TV, TVNZ.  We have also transferred film for many famous personalities including Sir Paul McCarney, Sir Cliff Richard, Michael Pallin and many others.

We started in the UK and now offer archive restoration facilities throughout New Zealand.

Have a look at our impressive range of equipment and keep in mind you are welcome to visit or have a FREE sample transfer of your film.


Videotape has been widely used throughout the world to record professional productions and family home movies. The most popular formats used were VHS and 8mm.


Videotape is a very fragile format and breaks very easily. Old VCR machines can do repairable damage and once scratched you normally have to call it a day.


There were many video formats and we are one of the few companies that can transfer almost any videotape to a digital format.


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