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Your films are very important, therefore they should not be converted on a domestic scannner. These units produce unstable images, poor colour and low-resolution. However, they can be useful for evaluating film.

A Professional Film Scanner is often referred to as a Telecine Machine and is used to convert the films you now see on television. They will convert the images "frame by frame" without the aid of any claw or driving sprockets. Special rollers will clean and smooth the film prior to transfer and each machine will be fitted with custom built optics to produce high-resolution images. In most cases the pictures will look far superior to the original material. A professional machine will also be able to re-produce audio and help restore damaged film.


As below, we convert Standard 8mm film, super 8, 16mm and 9.5mm, the diagrams are to help you identify the formats of film you have.


Part of our service can include a Free sample of your film for you to see for yourself, simply contact us to find out more about this service.

Film Formats

Standard 8
Super 8


If you have trays of old slides or negatives sitting in the cupboard, consider having them transferred to a digital format. It is much easier to store and play them from a USB stick than getting out the old projector and setting up the screen. The results are quite stunning since professional conversions make the slides come alive we can convert and format of slide or negative. 

Slides to digital

How it's done

About your film

*Additional costs may be involved during the transfer process depending on the quality and complexity of the film transfer.

*Our hourly service is charged excluding GST, all other prices include GST.

*We can provide estimates when we have received and assessed your film. We will transfer as much or little as you require.

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